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Top Choice Museum in Po Delta

Museo Delta Antico

Inaugurated in 2017, the main event of this fascinating and beautifully laid-out museum, housed in the 18th century neoclassical Comacchio Hospital, is the intriguing cargo of a Roman merchant shipwreck, sunk betwee…
Nature Reserve in Po Delta

Parco del Delta del Po

The Parco del Delta del Po is a regional park encompassing one of Europe’s largest wetlands and a pair of alluring lagoons, the Valli di Comacchio and Valle Bertuzzi. With more than 300 bird species nesting or passi…
Abbey in Po Delta

Abbazia di Pomposa

About 50km east of Ferrara, the Abbazia di Pomposa is one of Italy’s oldest Benedictine endowments. The monk Guido d’Arezzo reputedly invented the musical scale here, and in the 11th century it was one of Italy’s fo…
Factory in Po Delta

Manifattura dei Marinati

The Manifattura dei Marinati chronicles the town’s traditional eel-fishing industry but is perhaps most fascinating as the place where skewered eels and anchovies lie marinating for three-months in traditional vats …
Seafood in Po Delta

Trattoria Vasco e Guilia

It's easy to be tempted by Comacchio's overwater restaurants, but this homey trattoria, which is tucked away a few meters from the hubbub, produces some of the best and freshest seafood in town. Eel all ways – if yo…
Culture in Po Delta

International Po Delta Birdwatching Fair

In late April and early May every other year, Comacchio hosts the International Po Delta Birdwatching Fair, the largest event of its kind in Europe. The next one is 2019.