Museum in Pitigliano

La Piccola Gerusalemme

Head down Via Zuccarelli and turn left at a sign indicating 'La Piccola Gerusalemme' to visit this fascinating time-capsule of Pitogliano's rich but sadly near-exinct Jewish culture. It incorporates a tiny, richly a…
Museum in Pitigliano

Palazzo Orsini

Interlinked Piazza Petruccioli and Piazza Garibaldi provide a majestic walkway towards this 13th-century castle, which was enlarged by the ruling Orsinis in the 16th century, became the residence of the local bishop…
Museum in Pitigliano

Museo Civico Archeologico di Pitigliano

Head up the stone stairs to this small but well-run museum which has rich displays of finds from local Etruscan sites. Highlights include some huge intact bucchero (black earthenware pottery) urns dating from the 6t…
Archaeological Site in Pitigliano

Museo Archeologico all'Aperto 'Alberto Manzi'

An open-air museum, south of Pitigliano on the road to Saturnia, which contains sections of vie cave and several necropolises.