Top Choice Museum in Pistoia

Museo dell'Antico Palazzo dei Vescovi

The bishops' palace, wedged next to the cathedral, provides a fascinating tour of Pistoia's urban history, ranging from touchable scale models of architectural gems such as the cathedral and the baptistry on the 1st…
Top Choice Cathedral in Pistoia

Cattedrale di San Zeno

This cathedral with beautiful Pisan-Romanesque facade safeguards a lunette of the Madonna and Child between two angels by Andrea della Robbia. Its other highlight, in the gated Cappella di San Jacopo off the north a…
Top Choice Chapel in Pistoia

Cappella del Tau

Adjoining the Museo Marino Marini is this tiny 14th-century chapel, frescoed Gothic-style from top to bottom by the School of Giotto and a dramatic guardian to Marino Marini's monumental equestrian sculpture The Mir…
Top Choice Church in Pistoia

Chiesa di Sant'Andrea

This 12th-century church was built outside the original city walls, hence its windowless (fortified) state. The partly white-and-green marble-striped facade is enlivened by a relief of the Journey and Adoration of t…
Tower in Pistoia

Campanile della Cattedrale

Scale the sky-high, red-brick campanile (bell tower) of the Cattedrale di San Zeno for a wonderful bird's eye view of Pistoia's iconic cathedral square. Buy tickets at the battistero across the square.
Museum in Pistoia

Palazzo Fabroni

Take a breather from the ancient with this airy contemporary-art museum, host to riveting temporary exhibitions and a permanent collection amassed through exhibiting artists donating works to the gallery. Highlights…
Church in Pistoia

Basilica della Madonna dell'Umiltà

For anyone familiar with Florence, it is impossible not to notice the bright red-tiled dome of this 15th-century backstreet church, built by Ventura Vitoni to house the Madonna of Humility (1350), a fresco said to h…
Gardens in Pistoia

Fattoria di Celle

A teahouse, an aviary and other romantic 19th-century follies mingle with cutting-edge art installations created by the world's top contemporary artists at Fattoria di Celle, 5km west of Pistoia. The extraordinary p…
Monument in Pistoia

Ospedale del Ceppo

The beautifully restored facade of this former hospital stuns with its 16th-century polychrome terracotta frieze by Giovanni della Robbia. It depicts the Sette Opere di Misericordia (Seven Works of Mercy), and the f…
Piazza in Pistoia

Piazzetta degli Ortaggi

Don't miss this beautiful small square, with its laid-back cafe life and striking, life-size sculpture of three blindfolded men, Giro di Sole (Around the Sun; 1996), by contemporary Pistoia artist Roberto Barni (b 1…