Pietrasanta attractions

Viewpoint in Pietrasanta

Via della Rocca

Next to Chiesa di Sant'Agostino, a steep path known as Via della Rocca leads up to what remains of Pietrasanta's ancient fortifications. The crenellated city walls date from the early 1300s and what remains of Palaz…
Street in Pietrasanta

Via Garibaldi

This quaint pedestrian strip is peppered with chic fashion boutiques and stylish art galleries. Highlights guaranteed to tempt include fashion designer Paolo Milani, whose studio is a riot of bold vibrant prints and…
Christian Site in Pietrasanta

Battistero di Pietrasanta

Around the corner from the cathedral on pedestrian Via Garibaldi is this atmospheric old-world baptistry. The pair of baptismal fonts – one originally in the cathedral in the 16th century and the other a hexagonal t…
Church in Pietrasanta

Chiesa della Misericordia

Squirrelled away on Via Mazzini is this precious chapel. Tucked between shops, the superb Chiesa della Misericordia is frescoed with the Gate of Paradise and Gate of Hell by Fernando Botero (b 1932). Spot the self-p…
Cathedral in Pietrasanta

Duomo di San Martino

It is impossible to miss Pietrasanta's attractive cathedral, dating from 1256, on the central square. Its distinctive 36m-tall, red-brick bell tower is actually unfinished; the red brick was meant to have a marble c…
Church in Pietrasanta

Chiesa di Sant'Agostino

The far end of Piazza del Duomo is dominated by the 13th-century stone hulk of this deconsecrated church. Once dedicated to St Augustine, today the Romanesque space hosts seasonal art exhibitions.
Museum in Pietrasanta

Museo dei Bozzetti

Inside the convent adjoining Chiesa di Sant'Agostino dozens of moulds of famous sculptures cast or carved in Pietrasanta are showcased by this small museum.