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Top Choice Museum in Turin

Museo Nazionale dell'Automobile

As the historic birthplace of one of the world's leading car manufacturers – the ‘T’ in Fiat stands for Torino – Turin is the obvious place for a car museum. And this dashing modern museum, located roughly 5km south…
Top Choice Museum in Turin

Museo Egizio

Opened in 1824 and housed in the austere Palazzo dell'Accademia delle Scienze, this Turin institution houses the most important collection of Egyptian treasure outside Cairo. Among its many highlights are a statue o…
Top Choice Piedmont in Cuneo

4 Ciance

A warm, unpretentious place that makes everything from scratch, including the bread. Local specialities (beef cheek in Nebbiolo wine) are requisitely earthy but plated with an unexpected elegance for such a well-pri…
Top Choice Piedmont in Turin

Banco vini e alimenti

A new breed hybrid restaurant-bar-deli, this smartly designed but low-key place does clever small-dish dining for lunch and dinner. While it might vibe causual wine bar, with young staff in T-shirts and boyfriend je…
Top Choice Modern Piedmont in Alba

La Piola

Part of the Ceretto family's small empire, La Piola offers a faithful menu of traditional Piedmontese dishes but at the same time manages to be stylish, modern and relaxed (let's put it down to sprezzatura – the Ita…
Cafe in Turin

Caffè Mulassano

Elbow your way to the bar or hope for a seat at one of the five wee tables at this art nouveau gem, where regulars sink espresso in piedi (standing) while discussing Juventus' current form with the bow-tied barista…
Cafe in Turin

Caffè San Carlo

Perhaps the most gilded of the gilded, this glittery cafe dates from 1822. You'll get neckache admiring the weighty chandelier and pay for the privledge (€4 and upwards for coffee), but the service is the most genia…
Cafe in Turin

Caffè Torino

This chandelier-lit showpiece opened in 1903. A brass plaque of the city's emblem, a bull (Torino in Italian means 'little bull'), is embedded in the pavement out front; rub your shoe across it for good luck.
Gastronomy in Turin

Combal Zero

Davide Scabin's tasting menus are theatrical, visual, visceral and mischievous, but despite such experimentation are still deeply rooted in Piedmontese culinary traditions.
Cafe in Turin


Garner literary inspiration in Mark Twain's old window seat as you contemplate the gilded interior of a cafe where 19th-century students once plotted revolutions and the Count of Cavour deftly played whist. The bitt…