Top Choice Monastery in Pavia

Certosa di Pavia

One of the Italian Renaissance's most notable buildings is the splendid Certosa di Pavia. Giangaleazzo Visconti of Milan founded the monastery, 10km north of Pavia, in 1396 as a private chapel and mausoleum for the …
Museum in Pavia

Museo per la Storia dell'Università di Pavia

The stately campus of the Università degli Studi di Pavia houses the small Museo per la Storia dell’Università di Pavia, with exhibits on its history.
Museum in Pavia

Musei Civici

Looming over the old town is the forbidding Castello Visconteo, built in 1360 for Galeazzo II Visconti. It now houses the Museo Civico. Intriguing collections include archaeological, ethnographic and art collections…
Basilica in Pavia

Basilica di San Michele

Pavia's most important church isn't the Duomo, but the beautiful Romanesque San Michele, where medieval Lombard kings came to receive their iron crown and where Barbarossa was crowned Holy Roman Emperor in 1155.
Cathedral in Pavia


Dominating the town centre is the immense dome of Pavia's red-brick Duomo, which is Italy's third-largest cathedral. Leonardo da Vinci and Donato Bramante contributed to the design, which was begun in 1488 but was n…
Botanical Garden in Pavia

Orto Botanico

Castle in Pavia

Castello Visconteo

Looming over the old town is the red-brick Castello Visconteo, built in 1360 for Galeazzo II Visconti. Inside the forbidding ramparts is an enormous walled garden, where art exhibits and wine tastings are held in sp…
University in Pavia

Università degli Studi di Pavia

The University of Pavia was formally established in 1361 by Holy Roman Emperor Charles V, although there had been a school of divinity here as early as 825. The oldest colleges, dating from the 16th century are the …