Osteria in Parma

Osteria dello Zingaro

Hidden behind the cathedral is this local favourite, a modern bistro clinging to traditional ways. It's most famous for its horse meat (a Parma speciality), but you can also indulge in superb regional classics like …
Trattoria in Parma

Trattoria del Tribunale

Run the gauntlet of ham slicers and waiters gouging lumps of parmigiano reggiano and settle in for a memorable meal. Start with a plate of Parma ham, proceed to the degustazione di ravioli (pasta pockets stuffed wit…
Italian in Parma

Gallo d'Oro

Young camerieri (waiters) operate meat slicers, slide dexterously between tables and plonk down plates of ravioli and veal done all ways (all of them good) in the inauspiciously named ‘golden chicken’. Magazine cove…