Top Choice Baptistry in Parma


Overshadowing even the cathedral, the octagonal pink-marble baptistery on the south side of the piazza is one of the most important such structures in Italy. Its architecture is a hybrid of Romanesque and Gothic, an…
Top Choice Gallery in Parma

Galleria Nazionale

Tthe Galleria Nazionale displays Parma’s main art collection. Alongside works by local artists Correggio and Parmigianino, you’ll find paintings by Fra Angelico, Canaletto and El Greco. Before you get to the gallery…
Top Choice Cathedral in Parma


Another daring Romanesque beauty? Well, yes and no. Consecrated in 1106, Parma cathedral's facade is classic Lombard-Romanesque, but inside, the gilded pulpit and ornate lamp-holders scream baroque. Take note: there…
Museum in Parma

Casa Natale di Toscanini

At the Parco Ducale's southeast corner, the birthplace of Italy's greatest modern conductor, Arturo Toscanini (1867–1957), retraces his life and travels through relics and records. Of interest are his collaborations…
Church in Parma

Chiesa & Monastero di San Giovanni Evangelista

Directly behind the Duomo, this abbey church is noteworthy for its 16th-century mannerist facade and Correggio's magnificent frescoed dome, which was highly influential for its time and inspired many later works. Th…
Church in Parma

Chiesa di Santa Maria della Steccata

Behind the Palazzo del Governatore in the Chiesa di Santa Maria della Steccata, you’ll find some of Parmigianino’s most extraordinary work, notably the stunning, if rather faded, frescoes on the arches above the alt…
Theatre in Parma

Teatro Farnese

Rebuilt to original plans after WWII bombing, this theatre is almost entirely made out of wood. The great Monteverdi, frustrated by the theatre's acoustic problems before its inaugural event in 1628, was forced to p…
Monastery in Parma


The monastery adjoining the Chiesa di San Giovanni Evangelista is known as much for the oils and unguents that its monks produce, as for its Renaissance cloisters.
Museum in Parma

Museo Archeologico Nazionale

For a change of period, the Museo Archeologico Nazionale exhibits Roman artefacts discovered around Parma and Etruscan finds from the Po valley.
Museum in Parma

Museo Diocesano

On the other side of the square to the Duomo, in the cellars of the former bishop's palace, this museum displays statuary. Highlights include a finely sculpted Solomon and Sheba, and a 5th-century early-Christian mo…