Top Choice Beach in Panarea

Cala Junco

Near Panarea's prehistoric village, about 45 minutes south of San Pietro, steps lead down to this gorgeous little cove with a rock-strewn beach and dreamy aquamarine waters.
Archaeological Site in Panarea

Villaggio Preistorico

Dramatically sited on Punta Milazzese, an elevated headland surrounded by the sea, these round foundations of 23 stone huts are the only vestiges of a prehistoric village dating back to the 14th century BC. Pottery …
Island in Panarea

Offshore Islands

Five islets off Panarea's eastern shore can be toured by boat. Nearest to Panarea is Dattilo, which has a pretty little beach called Le Guglie. The isle of Lisca Bianca also offers good swimming on a small white bea…
Beach in Panarea

Spiaggia Fumarola

To the north of San Pietro, this stone beach, with full-on views of Stromboli, is reached via a steep, winding descent north of Ditella. Outside peak months this is an isolated spot ideal for a quiet swim, but in Ju…
Beach in Panarea

Spiaggetta Zimmari

This small stretch of brown sand backed by a steep overgrown dune, about 20 minutes on foot south of San Pietro, is Panarea's only sandy beach and gets packed in summer.