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Beach in Palinuro & Around

Spiaggia Palinuro

The town’s main beach stretches for around 4km north of the centre. There is another more sheltered curve of sand abutting Palinuro’s postcard-pretty harbour in the south, replete with colourful fishing boats, sever…
Cave in Palinuro & Around

Grotta Azzurra

Although it doesn’t have the hype of its Capri counterpart, Palinuro’s Grotta Azzurra is similarly spectacular, with a brilliant play of light and hue. It owes its name to the extraordinary effect created by the sun…
Beach in Palinuro & Around

Spiaggia Marinella

For a slightly quieter scene than you might find in Palinuro, head southeast of town to Spiaggia Marinella, surrounded by lush banks of greenery. The beach is approached via steep steps, and there’s a small car park…