This rocky cape just south of Palinuro is punctuated with ruined towers, natural arches, caves and a lighthouse. It’s a good place to get some sea air into your lungs and some miles in your legs during a relatively easy 7km hike.

Take the trail (called the Sentiero della Primula) that forks off to the left just past Palinuro’s small port and follow it to a ruined fort at Punta del Fortino. After admiring the view, retrace your steps 100m to a fork, turn right and climb up through the blustery brush of the headland. The path joins a dirt road that leads to a lighthouse (a military zone, but worth a diversion for the views). Retrace your steps again and take the road downhill, entering a pine forest. When you hit a paved road, turn right and navigate through the small hamlet of Faracchino with the Spiaggia Marinella below. Look out for the famous Archetiello, a natural hole in the rocky coast. From here, you can saunter slowly back to Palinuro along Via Capozzoli.