Top Choice Chapel in Palermo

Cappella Palatina

Designed by Roger II in 1130, this extraordinary chapel is Palermo's top tourist attraction. Located on the mid-level of Palazzo dei Normanni's three-tiered loggia, its glittering gold mosaics are complimented by in…
Top Choice Museum in Palermo

Galleria Regionale della Sicilia

Housed in the stately 15th-century Palazzo Abatellis, this art museum – widely regarded as Palermo's best – showcases works by Sicilian artists from the Middle Ages to the 18th century. One of its greatest treasures…
Top Choice Theatre in Palermo

Teatro Massimo

Taking over 20 years to complete, Palermo's neoclassical opera house is the largest in Italy and the second-largest in Europe. The closing scene of The Godfather: Part III, with its visually arresting juxtaposition …
Top Choice Market in Palermo

Mercato di Ballarò

Snaking for several city blocks southeast of Palazzo dei Normanni is Palermo's busiest street market, which throbs with activity well into the early evening. It's a fascinating mix of noises, smells and street life,…
Top Choice Cathedral in Palermo

Cattedrale di Palermo

A feast of geometric patterns, ziggurat crenellations, maiolica cupolas and blind arches, Palermo's cathedral has suffered aesthetically from multiple reworkings over the centuries, but remains a prime example of Si…
Top Choice Palace in Palermo

Palazzo dei Normanni

Home to Sicily's regional parliament, this venerable palace dates to the 9th century. However, it owes its current look (and name) to a major Norman makeover, during which spectacular mosaics were added to its royal…
Top Choice Square in Palermo

Fontana Pretoria

Fringed by imposing churches and buildings, Piazza Pretoria is dominated by the over-the-top Fontana Pretoria, one of Palermo's major landmarks. The fountain's tiered basins ripple out in concentric circles, crowded…
Church in Palermo

Chiesa della Magione

Across Piazza Magione from Lo Spasimo is the Chiesa della Magione, also known as La Magione. It's a fine example of the more austere Romanesque style that the Normans brought to Sicily.
Church in Palermo

Chiesa Capitolare di San Cataldo

This 12th-century church in Arab-Norman style is one of Palermo's most striking buildings. With its dusky-pink bijou domes, solid square shape, blind arcading and delicate tracery, it illustrates perfectly the synth…
Church in Palermo

Chiesa di San Domenico

Just off Via Roma, the Chiesa di San Domenico was built in 1640 following the design of architect Andrea Cirrincione; the facade was added in 1726 after the buildings that once occupied the square were demolished to…