Palermo Region in detail

Getting Around


Siremar Runs one daily car-ferry service between Palermo and the island of Ustica (from €97 one way, three hours).

Liberty Lines Operates one to five daily hydrofoil services (€25 one way, 1½ hours) between Palermo and Ustica.


AMAT Runs city buses connect Palermo to Mondello and Monreale.

AST These buses also run to Monreale, as well as to Corleone.

City Sightseeing Operates two hop-on, hop-off tour-bus routes in Palermo, as well as a service to Monreale.

See their respective websites for all destinations and timetables.

Car & Motorcycle

Buses and trains connect Palermo to most places of interest in the Greater Palermo region, and Palermo's traffic, narrow side streets and lack of parking makes driving in the city less than appealing.


Trains runs frequently from Palermo Centrale to Bagheria (€2.50, 10 to 17 minutes, one to three hourly), home to the Museo Gattuso. They also run to Santa Flavia-Solunto-Porticello (€2.50, 20 minutes, one to two hourly), the latter station handy for reaching the ruins of Solunto. Services are significantly reduced on Sunday.