The town's central focus is Piazza del Popolo, which is a striking square dominated by the ornate bulk of the Chiesa di San Sebastiano and Palazzo Municipale, Palazzolo's impressive town hall. From here you can take a short walk north that will bring you to Piazza Moro as well as two other exquisite baroque churches, the Chiesa Madre and Chiesa di San Paolo.

These two churches, the first on the square's northern flank and the second on the southern side, form a theatrical ensemble of columns, gargoyles and fleurs-de-lis. At the top of Via Annunziata (the main road leading right out of Piazza Moro) is the fourth of the town's baroque treasures, the Chiesa dell'Annunziata, with a richly adorned portal of twirling columns.


The town has scant accommodation so is best visited as a day trip from Syracuse, where there is a much greater choice of accommodation, eateries and bars.


The town is home to a handful of traditional trattorie peddling local specialities. For a sweet pick-me-up, stop by Pasticceria Caprice.

Drinking & Nightlife

You'll find a couple of cafes on and around picturesque Piazza del Popolo. For a much more vibrant bar and nightlife scene, head 40km east to Syracuse.