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Museum in Paestum

Museo di Paestum

Just east of the ruins, the Museo di Paestum houses a collection of much-weathered metopes (bas-relief friezes), including 33 of the original 36 from the Tempio di Argiva Hera (Temple of Argive Hera), 9km north of P…
Italian in Paestum

Nonna Sceppa

Seek out the superbly prepared, robust dishes at Nonna Sceppa, a family-friendly restaurant that’s gaining a reputation throughout the region for excellence. Dishes are firmly seasonal and, during summer, concentrat…
Farm in Paestum

Tenuta Vannulo

Italy's sole organic producer of bufala (water-buffalo) milk, Tenuta Vannulo is a 10-minute drive from Paestum. It makes its mozzarella exclusively from buffalo milk, unlike most producers who combine it with cows' …
Archaeological Site in Paestum

Paestum's Temples

A Unesco World Heritage Site, these temples are among the best-preserved monuments of Magna Graecia, the Greek colony that once covered much of southern Italy. Rediscovered in the late 18th century, the site as a wh…
Archaeological Site in Paestum

Tempio di Cerere

The 6th-century-BC Tempio di Cerere was originally dedicated to Athena and served as a Christian church in medieval times.
Archaeological Site in Paestum

Tempio di Nettuno

Dating from about 450 BC, the Tempio di Nettuno is the largest and best preserved of the three temples at Paestum; only parts of its inside walls and roof are missing.
Archaeological Site in Paestum


The so-called basilica (in fact, a temple to the goddess Hera) is Paestum’s oldest surviving monument. Dating from the middle of the 6th century BC, it’s a magnificent sight, with nine columns across and 18 along th…