Top Choice Cathedral in Otranto


Mosaics, skulls, crypts and biblical-meets-tropical imagery: Otranto's cathedral is like no other in Italy. The church was built by the Normans in the 11th century, though it's been given a few facelifts since. Cove…
Church in Otranto

Chiesa di San Pietro

Vivid Byzantine frescoes decorate the interior of this church, which was being restored at the time of writing. Follow the signs from Castello Aragonese Otranto; if it's closed, ask for the key at the cathedral.
Castle in Otranto

Castello Aragonese Otranto

This squat, thick-walled fort, with the Charles V coat of arms above the entrance, has great views from the ramparts. There are some faded original murals and original cannonballs on display.