Top things to do

Museum in Ostuni

Museo di Civiltà Preclassiche della Murgia

Located in the Convento delle Monacelle, the museum's most famous exhibit is the 25,000-year-old star of the show: Delia. She was pregnant at the time of her death and her well-preserved skeleton was found in a loca…
Puglian in Ostuni

Osteria del Tempo Perso

A sophisticated rustic restaurant in a cave-like former bakery, this laid-back place serves great Puglian food, specialising in roasted meats. To get here, face the cathedral's south wall and turn right through the …
Modern Italian in Ostuni

Porta Nova

This restaurant has a wonderful location on the old city wall. Revel in the rolling views from the terrace or relax in the elegant interior while you feast on top-notch local cuisine, with seafood the speciality.
Osteria in Ostuni

Osteria Piazzetta Cattedrale

Just beyond the arch opposite Ostuni's cathedral is this tiny little hostelry serving up magical food in an atmospheric setting. The menu includes plenty of vegetarian options.
Cathedral in Ostuni


Ostuni's dramatic 15th-century cathedral has an unusual Gothic-Romanesque facade with a frilly rose window and an inverted gable.
Religious in Ostuni

La Cavalcata

Ostuni's annual feast day is held on 26 August, when processions of horsemen dressed in glittering red-and-white uniforms (resembling Indian grooms on their way to be wed) follow the statue of Sant'Oronzo around tow…
Archaeological Site in Ostuni

Parco Archeologico e Naturale di Arignano

Many of the finds at Ostuni's Museo di Cività Preclassiche della Murgia come from the Palaeolithic burial ground, now the Parco Archeologico e Naturale di Arignano which can be visited by appointment.