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private tour of ancient Ostia from Rome

If you want to see what real life was like in an ancient Roman town, visit the excavation at Ostia with private tour. This tour will give you the most complete understanding of the Roman Age. You'll learn about many interesting aspects of life beyond the political and religious ones you might know from visiting the historical center of Rome. Off the beaten track and away from the crowds and mass tourism routes, you will have a relaxing, educational, and exciting day discovering all there is to know about the Roman Empire.
3.5 hours
Kid Friendly

Ancient Ostia Guided Tour for Kids and Families

Explore the ancient sea port of Rome on your 2.5-hour guided small-group tour tailored to children and families. At Ostia Antica kids can play, learn and have fun among the ruins surrounded by trees, meadows and relaxing nature.   At Ostia you will find ancient warehouses, trading posts, wealthy residences, apartment blocks, bath houses, temples and markets of by-gone years. Your entire family will experience unforgettable moments as kids play with quizzes, treasure hunts, card games, coloring books and multimedia tools to make your Ostia experience exciting and informative. You can easily reach Ostia Antica by train from Rome or you can book the option in addition to your tour for a round-trip transfer with us in a comfortable vehicle.
2.5 hours
Day Trips & Excursions

Relive the Ancient Ostia: Private Half-Day Tour from Rome

Visit the remains of the ancient Roman town of Ostia Antica near central Rome with this private half-day tour. Walk through the excavations of this once lively harbor town founded in the 4th century BC. Ostia Antica is sometimes called the 'better Pompeii' because of the astonishing preservation of its buildings. You will stroll through ancient taverns, baths, apartments, groceries and theaters, and their present condition so strikingly exceeds that of the Roman Forum, Imperial Forum, and Pompeii that it seems a misnomer to call them ‘ruins.'
5 hours
Cultural & Theme Tours

Ancient Ostia half day small group

Meet your tour guide at the ticket office of Ostia Antica archaeological site. You can get on site very easily by train. Enjoy a 3 hours walking tour of the first Roman colony: the port of Ostia is kind of a small Pompeii, but just 30 minutes away from Rome. In a peaceful natural landscape, animated by the pine umbrella trees, the ruins of Ostia still keep the memory of the frenetic activity that distinguished the port city. With your expert guide, walk along its main street, the so called Decumanus; immerse in the atmosphere of daily life in the ancient Roman Empire, visiting the theatre, wharehouses, apartment flats, thermal baths, mansions and taverns.
3 hours