Top Choice Umbrian in Orvieto

Al Pozzo Etrusco

Named after an ancient Etruscan well and silo that graces its basement, this fan favourite has drawn quite a following in just a few short years. Your host, Giovanni, will guide you through his seasonal menu of Umbr…
Gelato in Orvieto

Di Pasqualetti

This gelateria serves mouth-watering gelato, plus there are plenty of tables on the piazza for you to gaze at the magnificence of the cathedral while you gobble.
Umbrian in Orvieto

Trattoria La Palomba

Ask a local about Orvieto's best traditional restaurant and inevitably La Palomba jumps into the conversation. Wood panelling and old-school house wine labels abound. The food – heavy on various versions of umbriche…
Trattoria in Orvieto

Trattoria del Moro Aronne

This welcoming trattoria has a convivial feel, authentic food and honest prices. The focus is on traditional cooking and strong regional flavours. Warm up with a goat cheese and fig marmalade starter before hitting …
Umbrian in Orvieto

Le Grotte del Funaro

What could be more romantic – well, at least in a Snow White fairy-tale kind of way – than dining in a proper underground grotto? But this restaurant has more going for it than novelty factor alone. Alfredo and Sand…
Italian in Orvieto

I Sette Consoli

This refined restaurant walks the culinary high wire in Orvieto, with inventive, artfully presented dishes, from pasta so light it floats off the fork to beautifully cooked pigeon casserole with minced hazelnuts and…