Beach in Orosei

Spiaggia Bidderosa

North of the Marina di Orosei, this beach forms part of a nature reserve and never gets too busy because visitor numbers are restricted. A 4km trail leads down to the beach, a dreamy vision of sugar-white sand, flan…
Beach in Orosei

Spiaggia Su Barone

This strip of pale-golden sand fringed by topaz waters runs 5km south from Orosei, undergoing several name changes along the way (Spiaggia Su Barone, Spiaggia Isporoddai and Spiaggia Osalla). The beach is mostly bac…
Church in Orosei

Chiesa di San Sebastiano

The most appealing of all Orosei’s churches, the humble yet highly atmospheric 8th-century Chiesa di San Sebastiano is on Piazza San Sebastiano, with a trio of stone arches and a reed-woven ceiling.
Beach in Orosei

Cala Liberotto

This pine-backed beauty is one of several fine beaches that necklace the coast to the north of Marina di Orosei.
Beach in Orosei

Cala Ginepro

North of the Marina di Orosei, Cala Ginepro appeals to families with its shallow water and campground.
Church in Orosei

Chiesa del Rosario

Just off Orosei's main square (Piazza del Popolo), the baroque ochre-hued Chiesa del Rosario, with its trio of wooden crosses, wouldn’t look out of place in a spaghetti Western. The lane leading up from its left-han…
Church in Orosei

Chiesa di San Antonio

On the fringes of the historic centre, this church dates largely from the 15th century. The broad, uneven courtyard surrounding it is lined with squat cumbessias (pilgrims’ huts) and has a solitary Pisan watchtower.
Church in Orosei

Chiesa di San Giacomo

Presiding over Piazza del Popolo is this Spanish-style church, with its imposing neoclassical facade and a series of tiled domes. Its terrace commands views of the mountains rising above a jumble of terracotta rooft…
Castle in Orosei

Prigione Vecchia

On the southern edge of Piazza Sas Animas rises the 15m-high hulk of the Prigione Vecchia, also known as the Castello, a tower left over from a medieval castle.