Top Choice Museum in Nuoro

Museo Etnografico Sardo

Beautifully renovated in 2016, this museum zooms in on Sardinian folklore, harbouring a peerless collection of filigree jewellery, carpets, tapestries, rich embroidery, musical instruments, weapons and masks. The hi…
Mountain in Nuoro

Monte Ortobene

About 7km east of Nuoro is the granite peak of Monte Ortobene (955m), covered in thick woods of ilex, pine, fir and poplar, and capped by a 7m-high bronze statue of the Redentore (Christ the Redeemer). A favourite p…
Museum in Nuoro

Museo Ciusa

This recently reopened space has an entire wing devoted to the works of renowned Nuoro-born sculptor Francesco Ciusa (1883–1949). It also houses the permanent collection of Nuoro's excellent art museum, displaying w…
Museum in Nuoro

Museo Deleddiano

Up in the oldest part of town, the birthplace of Grazia Deledda (1871–1936) has been converted into this lovely little museum. The rooms, full of Deledda memorabilia, have been carefully restored to show what a well…
Piazza in Nuoro

Piazza Satta

This small square is dedicated to the great poet Sebastiano Satta (1867–1914), who was born in a house here. To celebrate the centenary of Satta's birth, sculptor Costantino Nivola gave the square a complete makeove…
Museum in Nuoro

Museo Archeologico Nazionale

This museum presents a romp through the region’s archaeological sites. Finds from the surrounding province range from ancient ceramics and bronzetti to a drilled skull from 1600 BC and Roman and early-medieval artef…
Church in Nuoro

Chiesa della Solitudine

Nobel Prize–winning author Grazia Deledda (1871–1936) was consumed by Nuoro and its essential dramas. Although she lived 36 of her 65 years in Rome, she was fittingly brought home to be buried in the plain granite c…
Cathedral in Nuoro

Cattedrale di Santa Maria della Neve

A big, dusky peach-coloured wedding cake of a church, the 19th-century Cattedrale di Santa Maria della Neve is one of 300 or so Italian churches dedicated to the Madonna della Neve. The cathedral’s facade is a big f…
Park in Nuoro

Parco Colle Sant’Onofrio

A short wander uphill from the centre of town brings you to the quiet Parco Colle Sant’Onofrio, which commands broad mountain views. From the highest point you can see across to Monte Ortobene and, further south, to…
Gallery in Nuoro

Museo MAN

Housed in a restored 19th-century townhouse, this serious contemporary-art gallery hosts a wide range of rotating temporary exhibits.