Religious in Sassari

I Candelieri

A big summer festival, held every 14 August. Teams wearing medieval costumes and representing various 16th-century guilds bear nine wooden columns (the ‘candlesticks’) through town. The celebrations have their origi…
Parade in Sassari

Cavalcata Sarda

One of Sardinia’s highest-profile festivals is held in Sassari on the second-last Sunday of May. Thousands of people converge on the city to participate in costumed processions, to sing and dance and watch fearless …
Food & Drink in Alghero

Sagra del Bogamarì

Alghero locals pay homage to the humble sea urchin (riccio di mare) by eating mountainloads of the spiky molluscs. The exact dates vary from year to year, but it's usually held between February and March or early Ap…
Religious in Alghero

Festa di Sant Miquel

The feast day of Alghero's patron saint, Sant Miquel (St Michael), is celebrated on 29 September as part of a larger program of religious, cultural and sporting events held between late September and early October.
Religious in Castelsardo


On the Monday after Palm Sunday, Castelsardo's townsfolk turn out for the Lunissanti, a solemn Easter parade through the old town from the Chiesa di Santa Maria.
Religious in Alghero

Easter Holy Week

Figures of Christ and the Virgin Mary are borne through town in enactments of the Misteri (Passion of Christ) and Incontru (Meeting of the Virgin with Christ).
Religious in Alghero

Ferragosto (Feast of the Assumption)

On 15 August, Alghero celebrates Ferragosto with fireworks, boat races and music.
Carnival in Alghero


Alghero celebrates the run-up to Lent with a series of Carnival parades, kids in fancy dress, and much merry-making.