Sports in San Teodoro

Extreme Fun Games

San Teodoro embraces its role as a beach-sports capital with this late summer blowout. An international crowd convenes for four days of kitesurfing, windsurfing and stand-up paddleboarding competitions, interspersed…
Religious in Tempio Pausania

Settimana Santa

Tempio Pausania's Easter Week festivities are among the most traditional in Sardinia. On Good Friday members of confraternite (religious brotherhoods) dress up in sinister-looking robes and hoods for the Via Crucis …
Music in Berchidda & Monti

Time in Jazz

In the second week of August, Berchidda's multicultural music festival lights up the town with jazz jams, dance happenings and concerts featuring everything from string quartets to piano soloists to saxophonists.
Cultural in Olbia

L’Estate Olbiese

During July and August, outdoor concerts are staged in the city centre as part of the L’Estate Olbiese, a cultural festival that includes concerts, performances, readings and cabarets.