Norcia & the Valnerina restaurants

Top Choice Italian in Norcia & the Valnerina


Set in a 16th-century palazzo among contemporary lighting and modern art, everything was bright when Vespasia's understated gourmet cuisine earned its first Michelin star just before the 2016 earthquake. We all know…
Umbrian in Norcia & the Valnerina

Il Casale degli Amici

Often touted as the best restaurant not named Vesparia, this wonderful farmstead presents its oft-changing menu orally, usually calling on meats raised-on-premises. That could mean you'll be starting with stringozzi…
Trattoria in Norcia & the Valnerina

Trattoria dal Francese

Once a staple in many of the Italian 'best restaurant' guides and boasting a kitchen that was a cut above most places even in this renowned foodie town, Trattoria dal Francese was closed at the time of research – it…