La Taverna a Santa Chiara

Neapolitan in Centro Storico

Gragnano pasta, Agerola pork, salsiccia rossa di Castelpoto (cured pork sausage with toasted peppers) and conciato romano (regional cheese made with cow's, sheep's and goat's milk and aged in terracotta amphorae): this modest, two-level eatery is healthily obsessed with small, local producers and Slow Food ingredients. The result is a beautiful, seasonal journey across Campania.

For an inspiring overview, order the rustic antipasto di terra (an antipasto of cheese and cured meats), then tuck into lesser-known dishes like genovese di polipo (a rich onion and octopus pasta dish) with wine from a lesser-known regional winemaker or a Campanian craft brew. The eatery is sometimes closed on Sunday; call ahead.