Naples in detail

Getting Around

Naples' city centre is relatively compact and best explored on foot. The city is also serviced by an affordable network of buses, funiculars and both metro and suburban trains.

Metro Line 1 connects Napoli Centrale to Piazza Municipio (for hydrofoil and ferry terminals), Via Toledo, the edges of the centro storico and Vomero. Line 2 runs to Chiaia, Mergellina and Pozzuoli.

Circumvesuviana trains Handy for numerous archaeological sites, including Ercolano (Herculaneum), Oplontis and Pompeii.

Cumana trains Connects Naples to Pozzuoli and some parts of the Campi Flegrei.

Bus Convenient for reaching Capodimonte.

Funicular Connects central Naples to hilltop Vomero.


Unruly traffic and uneven road surfaces make cycling difficult (and dangerous) in Naples. The city's few bike-friendly areas include the pedestrianised seafront (Lungomare) in Santa Lucia and Chiaia, as well as the expansive Real Bosco di Capodimonte.


Hydrofoils and ferries connect Naples to the islands of Capri, Ischia and Procida, as well as to Sorrento, year-round. Catch fast ferries and hydrofoils for Capri, Sorrento, Ischia (both Ischia Porto and Forio) and Procida from Molo Beverello in front of Castel Nuovo; hydrofoils for Capri, Ischia and Procida also sail from Mergellina.


ANM operates city buses in Naples. There's no central bus station, but most buses pass through Piazza Garibaldi. Buses generally run from around 5.30am to about 11pm, depending on the route and day. Some routes do not run on Sunday. A small number of routes run through the night, marked with an 'N' before their route number.

Useful city routes include the following:

140 Santa Lucia to Posillipo (via Mergellina)

154 Port area to Chiaia (along Via Volta, Via Vespucci, Via Marina, Via Depretis, Via Acton, Via Morelli and Piazza Vittoria)

C51 Piazza Cavour to La Sanità (along Via Foria, Via Vergini, Via Sanità and Via Fontanelle)

E6 Piazza Trieste e Trento to Chiaia (along Via Monte di Dio, Via Santa Lucia, Via Morelli, Piazza dei Martiri and Via Filangieri)

R2 Napoli Centrale to Piazza Trento e Trieste (along Corso Umberto I and Piazza Municipio)

R4 Via Toledo to Capodimonte (via Piazza Dante and Via Santa Maria di Costantinopoli)

Car & Motorcycle

Nonresident vehicles are banned in much of central Naples, though there is no need for a car as a visitor.


Three services connect central Naples to Vomero, while a fourth connects Mergellina to Posillipo. All operate from 7am to 10pm daily. ANM transport tickets are valid on funicular services.

Funicolare Centrale Travels from Piazzetta Augusteo to Piazza Fuga.

Funicolare di Chiaia Travels from Via del Parco Margherita to Via Domenico Cimarosa.

Funicolare di Montesanto Travels from Piazza Montesanto to Via Raffaele Morghen.

Funicolare di Mergellina Connects the waterfront at Via Mergellina with Via Manzoni.


Official taxis are white and metered. Always ensure the meter is running.

The minimum starting fare is €3.50 (€6.50 on Sunday), with a baffling range of additional charges, all of which are listed at These extras include the following:

  • €1.50 for a radio taxi call
  • €4 for an airport run
  • €5 for trips starting at the airport and €0.50 per piece of luggage in the boot (trunk). Guide dogs, wheelchairs and strollers are carried free of charge.

There are taxi stands at most of the city's main piazzas.

Book a taxi by calling any of the following companies:


Radio Taxi Partenope

Taxi Napoli


Metro Line 1

  • Like city buses, Metro Line 1 is operated by ANM.
  • Trains run from Garibaldi (Napoli Centrale) to Vomero and the northern suburbs via the city centre.
  • Useful stops include Duomo and Università (southern edge of the centro storico), Municipio (hydrofoil and ferry terminals), Toledo (Via Toledo and Quartieri Spagnoli), Dante (western edge of the centro storico) and Museo (National Archaeological Museum).
  • Trains run from about 6am to around 11.30pm.

Metro Line 2

  • Metro Line 2 is operated by Italy's state-owned Ferrovie dello Stato (FS).
  • Trains runs from Gianturco to Garibaldi (Napoli Centrale) and on to Pozzuoli.
  • Useful stops include Piazza Cavour (La Sanità and northern edge of centro storico), Piazza Amedeo (Chiaia) and Mergellina (Mergellina ferry and hydrofoil terminal). Change for Line 1 at Garibaldi or Piazza Cavour (known as Museo on Line 1).
  • Trains run from about 5.30am to around 11.30pm.

Metro Line 6

  • Metro Line 6 is operated by ANM.
  • Services run between Mergellina and Mostra.
  • The line is currently suspended, with services expected to resume once its extension to Municipio metro station is completed in 2019/2020.


  • Circumvesuviana trains (follow signs from Napoli Centrale station) run to Sorrento (€3.90, 68 minutes) via Ercolano (Herculaneum; €2.20, 17 minutes), Pompeii (€2.80, 36 minutes) and other towns along the coast.
  • Trains run from about 6am to around 10pm.

Ferrovia Cumana

  • Ferrovia Cumana trains run to Pozzuoli (€2.20, 22 minutes) and the Campi Flegrei. In Naples, Cumana trains depart from Stazione Cumana di Montesanto on Piazza Montesanto, 500m southwest of Piazza Dante.
  • Trains run from around 5.30am to about 10pm.

Tickets & Passes

  • TIC (Ticket Integrato Campani) tickets – available at kiosks, tobacconists and vending machines – are valid on all city metro, bus, and funicular services, including Circumvesuviana and Cumana trains within the Naples city zone.
  • The TIC biglietto integrato urbano (€1.60 for 90 minutes) allows for only one trip on each mode of transport (except buses) within 90 minutes of validation.
  • The TIC biglietto giornaliero integrato urbano (€4.50, daily), valid until midnight from validation, allows for unlimited travel on all city buses, metro trains and funiculars.
  • The city's various transport companies offer their own tickets, for use on their services only. For example, ANM – which runs city buses, the four funiculars, and metro lines 1 and 6 – offers a €1.10 single-use ticket. State railway company Ferrovie dello Stato (FS) runs metro line 2, offering a €1.30 single-use ticket for use on that metro line.