Directory Enquiries

National and international phone numbers can be requested on 1254 (or online at

Domestic Calls

  • Italian telephone area codes all begin with 0 and consist of up to four digits; the Naples area code is 081. The area code is followed by a number of anything from four to eight digits. The area code is an integral part of the telephone number and must always be dialled, even when calling from next door.
  • Mobile-phone numbers begin with a three-digit prefix such as 330.
  • Toll-free (free-phone) numbers are known as numeri verdi and usually start with 800.
  • As elsewhere in Europe, Italians choose from a host of phone-plan providers, with a resultant galaxy of price options.

International Calls

  • To call Italy from abroad, call your international access number, then Italy's country code (39) and then the area code of the location you want, including the leading 0.
  • Avoid making international calls from a hotel, as rates are high.The cheapest options are free or low-cost apps such as Skype and Viber, connecting by using the wi-fi at your accommodation or at a cafe or other venue offering free wi-fi.
  • Another cheap option is to use an international calling card. Note, however, that there are very few public payphones left, so consider a prepaid card that allows you to call from any phone. Cards are available at newsstands and tobacconists.
  • To call abroad from Italy, dial 00, then the country and area codes, dropping the first '0', followed by the telephone number.
  • To make a reverse-charge (collect) international call from a public telephone, dial 170. All phone operators speak English.

Mobile Phones

Local SIM cards can be used in European, Australian and some unlocked US phones. Other phones must be set to roaming.

More Information

  • Italian mobile phones operate on the GSM 900/1800 network, which is compatible with the rest of Europe and Australia but not always with the North American GSM or CDMA systems – check with your service provider.
  • The cheapest way of using your mobile is to buy a prepagato (prepaid) Italian SIM card. TIM (, Wind (, Vodafone ( and Tre ( all offer SIM cards and have retail outlets in most Italian cities and towns. All SIM cards must be registered in Italy, so make sure you have a passport or ID card with you when you buy one.
  • You can easily top up your Italian SIM with a ricarica (recharge card), available from most tobacconists, some bars, supermarkets and banks.

Payphones & Phonecards

Although public payphones still exist across Campania, their numbers continue to decrease. Those that are still working take schede telefoniche (telephone cards), which are available from tobacconists and newsstands.