Opening hours vary throughout the year. We’ve provided high-season opening hours; hours will generally decrease in the shoulder and low seasons. Hours can be fickle at some smaller businesses.

Banks 8.30am–1.30pm and 2.45–3.45pm or 4.15pm Monday to Friday

Cafes 7.30am–8pm or later

Clubs 11pm–5am

Post offices 8am–6pm Monday to Friday, 8.30am–1pm Saturday; smaller branch offices close 1.30pm weekdays

Restaurants Noon–3pm and 7.30–11pm or midnight

Shops 9am–1pm and 3.30–7.30pm (or 4–8pm) Monday to Saturday, some close Monday morning and some open Sunday

More Information

  • The opening hours of museums, galleries and archaeological sites vary enormously. Many museums are closed on Monday or (less commonly) Tuesday or Wednesday.
  • Currency-exchange offices usually keep longer hours, though these are hard to find outside major cities and tourist areas.
  • Restaurant kitchens often shut an hour earlier than final closing time. Most places close at least one day a week, often on Monday. Many restaurants are closed for at least two weeks in August, while those in coastal resort towns are usually closed in the low season, between November and Easter.
  • In larger cities, supermarkets may stay open at lunchtime or on Sunday.