Naples is not an easy destination for travellers with disabilities. Cobbled streets, hair-raising traffic, blocked pavements and narrow lifts (or a complete lack of them) make life difficult for the wheelchair-bound, and those with vision or hearing difficulties.

Some efforts are being made to make Naples more accessible. Wheelchair-friendly ramps, lifts and toilets are common at museums and train stations, and while many restaurants are not yet completely wheelchair friendly, most will try to accommodate guests with disabilities (consider calling ahead).

Some city buses (including the R2) have extra-large central doors, access ramps and dedicated space for a wheelchair; these are marked with a wheelchair symbol. Numerous hydrofoils and ferries are also wheelchair friendly; reserve your ticket in advance to ensure that your vessel is compatible. Some taxis are equipped to carry passengers in wheelchairs; ask for a taxi for a sedia a rotelle (wheelchair). If travelling by train, ring the national helpline 199 303060 to arrange assistance.

The website gives a rundown on the facilities at Naples' museums and hotels and on its transport services.

The ENIT ( office in your country may be able to provide advice on Italian associations for the disabled, and information on what help is available.

Italy's national rail company, Trenitalia offers a national helpline for disabled passengers at 199 303060 (6.45am to 9.30pm daily). To secure assistance at Napoli Centrale, you should call this number 24 hours prior to your departure.

For more information and help, try the following organisations:

Cooperative Integrate Onlus ( Based in Rome, CO.IN provides information on the capital (including transport and access) and is happy to share its contacts throughout Italy.

Tourism for All ( This UK-based group has information on hotels with access for disabled guests, where to hire equipment, and tour operators who cater to disabled travellers. ( offers information on disability-friendly tourism in the Campania region.

Accessible Italy ( specialises in holiday services for people with disabilities.

Sage Traveling ( offers advice and tailor-made tours to assist mobility-impaired travellers in Europe.

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