Naples in detail

Where to Stay

Centro StoricoPlenty of options. Atmospheric, lively streets. Home to many of Naples' most impressive churches, palazzi and cultural sights. A wide range of eateries and bars.Can be noisy and crowded. The southern and eastern ends of the neighbourhood can feel desolate and a little unsafe at night.
La Sanità & CapodimonteA handful of unique, culturally minded guesthouses and B&Bs in La Sanità. Authentic, earthy atmosphere. The southern end of La Sanità is within walking distance of the centro storico and metro.Lack of accommodation options and very limited nightlife. Parts of La Sanità can feel unsafe, especially at night.
Santa Lucia & ChiaiaHome to many of the city's luxury hotels and close to the seafront. A sophisticated, cosmopolitan vibe, with high-end shopping, trendy eateries and bar-packed streets.Parts of Chiaia can be noisy at night. Further away from the centro storico.
Toledo & Quartieri SpagnoliHome to some good B&Bs, guesthouses and smaller midrange hotels. Within walking distance of both the centro storico and Chiaia. Easy access to the metro.Can be noisy. Parts of the Quartieri Spagnoli can feel sketchy, especially the blocks further away from Via Toledo.