Naples in detail

Money and Costs

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than €100

  • Dorm bed: €15–30
  • Double room in a budget hotel: €50–110
  • Pizza or pasta lunch/dinner: €15
  • Bus, metro or funicular ticket: €1.10
  • Return train ticket to Pompeii: €5.60

Midrange: €100–200

  • Double room in a midrange hotel: €80–180
  • Lunch and dinner in a local restaurant: €25–50
  • Three-day Artecard pass: €21
  • Return express-train ticket to Pompeii: €11

Top end: More than €200

  • Double room in a four-or-five star hotel: €150–450
  • Top restaurant dinner: €50–120
  • Hydrofoil to Capri: €21.50 (one-way)


euro (€)


ATMs are widely available in Naples, including at major train stations and at the airport. Credit cards are accepted in most hotels and restaurants.

Changing Money

You can change money in banks, at the post office or in a cambio (currency-exchange bureau). Post offices and banks tend to offer the best rates; currency-exchange bureaus keep longer hours, but watch for high commissions and inferior rates.

Credit Cards

Bancomats (ATMs) are widely available throughout Naples and are the best way to obtain local currency. International credit and debit cards can be used in any Bancomat displaying the appropriate sign. Cards are also good for payment in most hotels, restaurants, shops and supermarkets.

Check any charges with your bank. Most banks now build a fee of around 3% into every foreign transaction. In addition, ATM withdrawals can attract a further fee, usually around 1.5%.

If your card is lost, stolen, or swallowed by an ATM, you can telephone toll-free to stop put its use:

Amex 800 928 391

MasterCard 800 870 866

Visa 800 819 014


Tipping is generally optional.

  • Taxis Most people round up to the nearest euro.
  • Hotels Tip porters about €5 at high-end hotels.
  • Restaurants If servizio (service) is not included on your bill, leave a euro or two in pizzerias, or 10% of the bill in restaurants.
  • Bars Neapolitans usually place a €0.10 coin on the bar when ordering their coffee; if drinks are brought to your table, a small tip is generally appreciated.