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Food in Seneghe

Oleificio Sociale Cooperativo di Seneghe

To stock up on the town's award-winning olive oil, make a beeline for the Oleificio Sociale Cooperativo di Seneghe on the Bonarcado road into town. Prices range from €5 for 250mL to €43 for 5L. The store was closed …
Food in Seneghe

Alimentari Marina

Seneghe's award-winning olive oil comes in containers of every shape and size at this market in the heart of town. Grab an ultra-portable 250mL bottle (€5), or go all out with a 5L can (€43).
Food in Cuglieri

Azienda Olearia Peddio

On the main road through the village, this is the place to stock up on local olive oil. A litre costs between €8 and €9.