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Top Choice Gardens in Monte Amiata

Garden of Daniel Spoerri

Opened in 1997, this sculpture garden is the passionate project of Romanian–Swiss artist Daniel Spoerri (b 1930), who created many of the 112 artworks spread over its 16 hectares. The landscape here is glorious – wi…
Museum in Monte Amiata

Mineral Park Museum

Cinnabar, the red-coloured mineral from which mercury or quicksilver is extracted, was mined in the hills around Abbadia San Salvatore from Etruscan times until quite recently. This now-defunct mercury mine was once…
Abbey in Monte Amiata

Abbadia San Salvatore

Founded by the Lombards in the 8th century, this abbey was originally entrusted to the Benedictines but later passed to the Cistercians. An important stop on the Via Francigena, it is notable primarily for its hugel…
Museum in Monte Amiata

Museum of Asian Art & Culture

Recently opened, this beautifully presented multimedia museum next to the medieval fortress in Archidosso showcases the art, craft and cultures of the Himalayan and central Asian cultures.