Top things to do

Castle in Campobasso

Castello Monforte

At the top of a steep tree-lined avenue sits Castello Monforte. Much of the squat, quadrangular tower that you see today was built in the 15th and 16th centuries after the original Norman castle was damaged by earth…
Museum in Campobasso

Museo Sannitico

Ceramics found in Castello Monforte are now on show at the small Museo Sannitico, along with artefacts from local archaeological sites.
Trattoria in Campobasso

Trattoria La Grotta di Zi Concetta

For a spot of lunch, Trattoria La Grotta di Zi Concetta is an old-school trattoria serving delicious home-made pasta and superb meat dishes.
Archaeological Site in Saepinum


One of Molise’s hidden treasures, the Roman ruins of Saepinum are among the best preserved and least visited in the country. Unlike Pompeii and Ostia Antica, which were both major ports, Saepinum was a small provinc…
Museum in Saepinum

Museo Archeologico Vittoriano

The Museo Archeologico Vittoriano displays artefacts unearthed on the ruins of Saepinum.
Archaeological Site in Molise

Samnite Theatre-Temple Complex

About 30km northeast of Isernia, outside Pietrabbondante, the remains of a 2nd-century-BC Samnite theatre-temple complex reward a visit, as much as anything for their panoramic setting high above the rolling green c…
Museum in Molise

Marinelli Pontificia Fonderia di Campane

Agnone, 43km northeast of Isernia by road, is an ancient hilltop town famous for its bell making. For more than 1000 years, local artisans have been producing church bells for some of Italy's most famous churches, i…
Church in Molise

Abbazia di San Vincenzo al Volturno

A 30km drive northwest of Isernia, near Castel San Vincenzo, the Abbazia di San Vincenzo al Volturno is famous for its cycle of 9th-century frescoes by Epifanio (824–842). The abbey, one of the foremost monastic and…
Castle in Termoli

Castello Svevo

Termoli’s most famous landmark, Frederick II’s 13th-century Castello Svevo guards entry to the tiny borgo, a tangle of narrow streets, pastel-coloured houses and souvenir shops.
Italian in Termoli

La Sacrestia

This is one of the better restaurants in the lively area between Corso Nazionale and Via Fratelli Brigida. Sit streetside or in the brick-vaulted interior and chow down on knockout pizza or fresh-off-the-boat seafoo…