Church in Modica

Chiesa di San Giorgio

The high point of a trip to Modica – quite literally as it's up in Modica Alta – is the Chiesa di San Giorgio, one of Sicily's most extraordinary baroque churches. Considered Rosario Gagliardi's great masterpiece, i…
Church in Modica

Chiesa di San Giovanni Evangelista

Attributed to Rosario Gagliardi and marking the top of Modica Alta is this grand baroque church. Prefaced by a sweeping staircase, the church underwent major restoration work in the 19th century, its current facade …
Church in Modica

Chiesa Santa Maria del Carmine

Also known as Santa Maria dell'Annunziata, this 15th-century church is a rare example of Gothic architecture in Modica, most of it destroyed in the earthquake of 1693. Notable features include the pointed portal and…
Church in Modica

Chiesa Rupestre di San Nicolò Inferiore

For a break from baroque, head off Corso Umberto I to Via Grimaldi and this 12th-century church. Waiting inside are rich Byzantine frescoes.
Cathedral in Modica

Cattedrale di San Pietro

Modica's Cattedrale di San Pietro is an impressive church, atop a rippling staircase lined with life-sized statues of the Apostles.
Street in Modica

Corso Umberto I

Bisecting Modica Bassa, Corso Umberto I is the place to lap up Modica's lively local atmosphere. An avenue flanked by graceful palaces, churches, restaurants, bars and boutiques, it's where the locals come to strut …
Museum in Modica

Museo Civico

The Museo Civico houses a modest collection of archaeological finds from Modica and Cava d'Ispica, dating back to the neolithic period. It also houses a collection of 20th-century paintings and sketches once owned b…
Museum in Modica

Museo del Cioccolato di Modica

Sharing the same building as the Museo Civico, this humble museum sheds light on the town's unique chocolate, from its history to its production method. You'll also find a bizarre collection of cocoa sculptures and …