Top Choice Cathedral in Modena


Modena's celebrated cathedral combines the austerity of the Dark Ages with throwback traditions from the Romans in a style known in Europe as Romanesque. The church stands out among Emilia-Romagna's many other eccle…
Gallery in Modena

Galleria Estense

Reopened in 2015 after a three-year closure (due to earthquake damage), this delightful gallery features the Este family’s collection of northern Italian paintings from late medieval times to the 18th century. There…
Library in Modena

Biblioteca Estense

The Biblioteca Estense holds one of Italy’s most valuable collections of books, letters and manuscripts, including the cele­brated Bibbia di Borso d’Este, a masterpiece of medieval illustration.
Palace in Modena

Palazzo Comunale

Behind its elegant facade, Modena's 17th-century town hall offers several historic rooms for visitors to explore; if possible, schedule your visit to coincide with tours of the palace's balsamic-vinegar-making facil…
Museum in Modena

Musei del Duomo

Tucked down an alley along the left side of the cathedral, this museum displays more captivating stonework by famed 12th-century sculptor Wiligelmo.
Tower in Modena

Torre Ghirlandina

Rising behind the cathedral is this early-13th-century, 87m tower topped with a slender Gothic spire, named after Seville's famous 'Giralda' in the early 16th century by exiled Spanish Jews. Facing it across Piazza …
Museum in Modena

Museo della Figurina

A nostalgic journey back in time for any kid that ever owned a Panini football sticker collection, this geeky museum is tucked away upstairs in the Palazzo Santa Margherita. It displays that precious Paolo Rossi sti…
Museum in Modena

Museo Enzo Ferrari

While Maranello’s Ferrari museum focuses on the supersonic cars, this museum near Modena's train station, inaugurated in 2012, celebrates Signor Enzo Ferrari himself. The memorabilia is cleverly juxtaposed in two se…
Museum in Modena

Musei Civici

Modena's jointly administered city museums, the Museo Civico Archeologico Etnologico and the Museo Civico d'Arte, are both housed in the Palazzo dei Musei. The former has some well-displayed local finds from Palaeol…
Museum in Modena

Palazzo dei Musei

Modena's main museums and galleries are all conveniently housed in the Palazzo dei Musei on the western fringes of the historic centre.