Top things to do in Minori

Top Choice Desserts in Minori

Sal de Riso

Pasticceria? Yes. Cafe? Yes. Gelateria? Yes. Sal de Riso is all these things and more: an emporium of edible sweetness that will make your eyes pop out and your blood sugar shoot up in the same bite. The ample glass…
Pastries in Minori


Tucked to the right, facing the pretty buttercup-yellow church, this is the place to come for superb coffee and exemplary pastries – try the sfogliatella (ricotta-filled flaky pastry) and torta di ricotta e pere (ri…
Italian in Minori

Il Giardiniello

The old sage of Minori restaurants has been around as long as the Fiat Cinquecento and is arguably just as good. Sit on the terrace underneath a canopy of fragrant jasmine and enjoy highbrow, art-on-a-plate dishes t…
Food & Drink in Minori

Gusta Minori

Food lovers on the coast gather in Minori for the town’s annual food jamboree, with pasta stalls (and the like) as well as live music and other cultural events.
Historic Building in Minori

Villa Roma Antiquarium

Rediscovered in the 1930s, the 1st-century Villa Roma Antiquarium is a typical example of the splendid homes that Roman nobles built as holiday retreats in the period before Mt Vesuvius’ AD 79 eruption. The best-pre…