Top things to do

Top Choice Deli in Merano (Meran)

Pur Südtirol

This stylish regional showcase has an amazing selection of farm produce: wine, cider, some 80 varieties of cheese, speck and sausage, pastries and breads, tisanes and body care. Everything is hyperlocal (take Anton …
Top Choice Gardens in Merano (Meran)

Castel Trauttmansdorff

You could give an entire day to these beautiful botanical gardens a little outside Merano. Exotic cacti and palms, fruit trees and vines, beds of lilies, irises and tulips all cascade down the hillside surrounding a…
Pub Food in Merano (Meran)


This brewery restaurant has a huge beer garden and a number of beautifully designed and cosy dining rooms. Come for a pint or heaped plates of trout, roast boar or calf's head with pickled onions, cabbage and potato…
Museum in Merano (Meran)

Castel Tirolo

The ancestral seat of the counts of Tyrol is home to a dynamically curated museum of Tyrolean history, including, in the keep, the turbulent years of the 20th century. The castle can be reached by taking the chairli…
Trattoria in Merano (Meran)

Trattoria Da Santoni

Possibly not the cuisine or atmosphere that you've come to Merano for, but this is a happy Roman-style place that serves up crowd-pleasing, well-prepared traditional Italian cooking and is known for it's weekend fis…
Bar in Merano (Meran)

Café Kunsthaus

You can while away the hours in this relaxed gallery cafe, then find yourself still here when the DJs begin and the beer and pizzas are doing the rounds. Note, evening access is from the back lane off Via Risparmio.
Gallery in Merano (Meran)

Kunst Meran

Shows of high-profile international and regional artists are installed in this contemporary gallery, a thoughtful refiguring of a skinny medieval town house. Ask about their monthly talks over aperitivo.
Gastronomy in Merano (Meran)


Andrea Fenoglio is one of the region's best-loved chefs and his big personality fills this small early-20th-century room. The food here is inventive, for sure, but the experience is warm and almost casual. Even the …