Merano (Meran) attractions

Top Choice Gardens in Merano (Meran)

Castel Trauttmansdorff

You could give an entire day to these beautiful botanical gardens a little outside Merano (and they do suggest it). Exotic cacti and palms, fruit trees and vines, beds of lilies, irises and tulips all cascade down t…
Museum in Merano (Meran)

Castel Tirolo

The ancestral seat of the counts of Tyrol is home to a dynamically curated museum of Tyrolean history, including, in the keep, the turbulent years of the 20th century. The castle can be reached by taking the chairli…
Wildlife Reserve in Merano (Meran)

Castel Tirolo Bird Care Centre

Just below Castel Tirolo's entrance, this wildlife-rescue centre rehabilitates injured birds of prey. There is a collection of eagles, vultures, hawks, owls and buzzards to see, but the real attractions are the twic…
Gallery in Merano (Meran)

Kunst Meran

Shows of high-profile international and regional artists are installed in this contemporary gallery, a thoughtful refiguring of a skinny medieval townhouse. Ask about the monthly talks over aperitivo.