Massa Marittima attractions

Top Choice Cathedral in Massa Marittima

Cattedrale di San Cerbone

Presiding over photogenic Piazza Garibaldi (aka Piazza Duomo), Massa Marittima's asymmetrically positioned 13th-century duomo is dedicated to St Cerbonius, the town's patron saint, who's always depicted surrounded b…
Top Choice Museum in Massa Marittima

Museo di Arte Sacra

In the former monastery of San Pietro all'Orto, this museum houses a splendid Maestà (c 1335–37) by Ambrogio Lorenzetti as well as sculptures by Giovanni Pisano that originally adorned the facade of the duomo. The c…
Top Choice Tower in Massa Marittima

Torre del Candeliere

Climb to the top of this 13th-century, 74m-high tower for stupendous views over the old town.
Monument in Massa Marittima

Albero della Fecondità

A rather risqué surprise lurks underneath this 13th-century former wheat store. Its loggia shelters the Fonte dell'Abbondanza (Fountain of Abundance), a now decommissioned public drinking fountain that features an e…
Park in Massa Marittima

Parco Naturalistico Geotermico delle Biancane

At this geothermal park 21km north of Massa Marittima, steam has been transformed into power by vapour turbines since 1916, supplying power to one million Tuscan households (and meeting 25% of Tuscany's overall ene…
Museum in Massa Marittima

Museo Archeologico

The 13th-century Palazzo del Podestà, the historic residence of the town's chief magistrate, houses a dusty archaeological museum. The noteworthy exhibit is La Stele del Vado all'Arancio, a simple but compelling sto…
Architecture in Massa Marittima

Arco Senese

Massa Marittima's immense, medieval Arco Senese (Sienese Arch) peels away from the old city walls to soar overhead as you pass between the Città Vecchia and Città Nuova.