Museum in Marsala

Museo Archeologico Baglio Anselmi

Marsala's finest treasure is the partially reconstructed remains of a Carthaginian liburna (warship) sunk off the Egadi Islands during the First Punic War. Displayed alongside objects from its cargo, the ship's bare…
Museum in Marsala

Complesso Monumentale San Pietro

Housed in a beautifully restored 15th-century convent, this arts centre is home to an intriguing complex of small museums. Most noteworthy is the upstairs space devoted to Giuseppe Garibaldi, who landed in Marsala o…
Church in Marsala

Chiesa Madre

Divided into three aisles highlighted by tall columns, the cavernous interior of Marsala's 'mother church' contains a number of sculptures by the Gagini brothers. Although construction commenced in 1628, the church'…
Museum in Marsala

Museo degli Arazzi Fiammingi

Tapestry fans should check out this tiny museum just behind Marsala's Chiesa Madre. The eight 16th-century Flemish tapestries on display were woven in Brussels for Spanish King Philip II.
Piazza in Marsala

Piazza Della Repubblica

Marsala's most elegant piazza is dominated by the imposing Chiesa Madre. Just across the way, on the eastern side of the square, is the arcaded Palazzo VII Aprile, formerly known as the Palazzo Senatorio (Senatorial…
Monument in Marsala

Porta Garibaldi

This old town gate marks the southern edge of Marsala's historic centre.
Monument in Marsala

Porta Nuova

This old town gate marks the western edge of Marsala's historic centre.
Archaeological Site in Marsala

Insula Romana

This sprawling archaeological site behind the Museo Archeologico Baglio Anselmi encompasses the sketchy remains of a 3rd-century Roman villa and a well-preserved Decumanus Maximus (Roman ceremonial road) paved with …
Historic Building in Marsala

Palazzo VII Aprile

This lovely arcaded palazzo, formerly known as the Palazzo Senatorio (Senatorial Palace), is now Marsala's town hall.