Amphitheatre in Lucera

Roman Amphitheatre

Dating to the last (Augustan) days of the Roman Republic, Lucera's amphitheatre was built for gladiatorial combat and accommodated up to 18,000 people. Uncovered in 1932, it's the largest amphitheatre in southern It…
Cathedral in Lucera


On the former site of Lucera’s Great Mosque (itself built by the Saracens over an existing church as a symbol of conquest) Puglia’s only Gothic cathedral was built in 1301 by Charles II of Anjou. The altar was once …
Castle in Lucera


Frederick II’s enormous castle shows just what a big fish Lucera once was in the Puglian pond. Built in 1233, it’s set on a rocky hillock surrounded by a nearly 1km wall, studded with square, round and hexagonal tow…
Church in Lucera

Chiesa di San Francesco

Dominated by a huge rose window, the Gothic Chiesa di San Francesco, contemporaneous with Lucera's cathedral, incorporates recycled materials from Lucera’s 1st century BC Roman amphitheatre.