Top Choice Cathedral in Lucca

Cattedrale di San Martino

Lucca's predominantly Romanesque cathedral dates to the 11th century. Its stunning facade was constructed in the prevailing Lucca-Pisan style and designed to accommodate the pre-existing campanile (bell tower). The …
Top Choice Palace in Lucca

Palazzo Pfanner

Fire the romantic in you with a stroll around this beautiful 17th-century palace where parts of Portrait of a Lady (1996) starring Nicole Kidman and John Malkovich were shot. Its baroque-styled garden – the only one…
Top Choice Tower in Lucca

Torre Guinigi

The bird's-eye view from the top of this medieval, 45m-tall red-brick tower adjoining 14th-century Palazzo Guinigi is predictably magnificent. But what impresses even more are the seven oak trees planted in a U-shap…
Top Choice Museum in Lucca

Museo della Cattedrale

The cathedral museum safeguards elaborate gold and silver decorations made for the cathedral's Volto Santo, including a 17th-century crown and a 19th-century sceptre.
Museum in Lucca

Museo Villa Puccini

In 1880 Puccini left Lucca to study at Milan's music conservatory, returning after his studies to Tuscany to rent a lakeside house in Torre del Lago, 15km west of Lucca on the shore of Lago Massaciuccoli. Nine years…
Historic Site in Lucca

City Wall

Lucca's monumental mura (wall) was built around the old city in the 16th and 17th centuries and remains in almost perfect condition. It superceded two previous walls, the first built from travertine stone blocks as …
Church in Lucca

Chiesa di San Michele in Foro

One of Lucca's many architecturally significant churches, this glittering Romanesque edifice marks the spot where the city's Roman forum was. The present building with exquisite wedding-cake facade was constructed o…
Tower in Lucca

Torre Civica delle Ore

Break from the boutiques of Via Fillungo with a hike up the 207 wooden steps of Lucca's 13th-century clock tower – at 50m tall, the highest of the city's 130 medieval towers. Legend has it the tower is inhabited by …
Gardens in Lucca

Villa Grabau

Neoclassical Villa Grabau, just north of Lucca in San Pancrazio, sits among a vast parkland with sweeping traditional English- and Italian-styled gardens, splashing fountains, more than 100 terracotta pots with lemo…
Church in Lucca

Chiesa e Battistero dei SS Giovanni e Reparata

The 12th-century interior of this deconsecrated church is a hauntingly atmospheric setting for summertime opera recitals; buy tickets in advance inside the church. In the north transept, the Gothic baptistry crowns …