Top Choice Puglian in Lecce

Trattoria Il Rifugio della Buona Stella

A third-generation family restaurant in a gorgeous Leccese building with sandy stone walls and medieval decor, this wonderful trattoria serves utterly delicious Pugliese food at more-than-reasonable prices. Start of…
Top Choice Trattoria in Lecce

Trattoria le Zie - Cucina Casareccia

Where better to eat cucina casareccia (home cooking) than a place that feels like a private home, with patterned cement floor tiles, paper-strewn desk and a welcoming hostess (Carmela Perrone)? Known locally as simp…
Top Choice Gelato in Lecce

Baldo Gelato

The couple behind Baldo Gelato make the best gelato in Lecce, hands down. The dark chocolate may be the most intensely chocolatey thing you've ever put in your mouth.
Puglian in Lecce

Alle due Corti

Rosalba de Carlo, a noted repository of Salento gustatory wisdom, is the presiding authority in this authentic-as-it gets Pugliese kitchen. 'The Two Courts' keeps it strictly seasonal and local, dishing up classics …
Puglian in Lecce


You'll eat handsomely at the in-house restaurant of the Patria Palace Hotel, right in the heart of old Lecce. The food is Puglian, mainly elevated examples of robust peasant cuisine, such as risotto with Gallipoli's…
Puglian in Lecce

La Torre di Merlino

This sweet courtyard restaurant is dependably one of Lecce's best eating options. There are pizzas, but why would you, when the seafood's so good? Try the antipasti di crude di mare (spanking-fresh raw scallops, red…
Trattoria in Lecce

Trattoria Nonna Tetti

A warmly inviting restaurant, popular with all ages and budgets, this trattoria is known for regional classics. As is proper to Puglia's 'cuisine of the poor', it's often the simple vegetable dishes and contorni (si…
Puglian in Lecce

La Cucina di Mamma Elvira

An offshoot of the stylish Enoteca Mamma Elvira, 'The Kitchen' makes use of a bigger space than that available to its older sibling to deliver more ambitious and substantial food. There's still the same focus on Pug…
Gelato in Lecce


This gelateria, one of Lecce's best, has an array of fabulous confectionery.