Top Choice Puglian in Lecce

Trattoria Il Rifugio della Buona Stella

A third-generation family restaurant in a gorgeous Leccese building with sandy stone walls and medieval decor, this wonderful trattoria serves fine food at sale-of-the-century prices (secondi from €6.50!). Start off…
Trattoria in Lecce

Trattoria le Zie – Cucina Casareccia

Ring the bell to gain entry to this place that feels like a private home, with its patterned cement floor tiles, desk piled high with papers, and charming owner Carmela Perrone. In fact, it's known locally as simply…
Pizza in Lecce

La Torre di Merlino

It's hard to imagine that anyone couldn't be satisfied by the Merlino's all-encompassing menu, which includes the best pizza in Lecce washed down with craft beer, some stalwart Puglian pasta dishes, and innovative m…
Trattoria in Lecce

Trattoria di Nonna Tetti

A warmly inviting restaurant, popular with all ages and budgets, this trattoria serves a wide choice of traditional dishes. Try the most emblematic Puglian dish here – braised wild chicory with a purée of boiled dri…
Puglian in Lecce

Alle due Corti

For a taste of sunny Salento, check out this no-frills, fiercely traditional restaurant. The seasonal menu is classic Puglian, written in a dialect that even some Italians struggle with. Go for the real deal with a …
Gelato in Lecce

Gelateria Natale

Lecce's best ice-cream parlour also has an array of fabulous confectionery.