Lazio's Northern Lakes

North of Rome, Lazio's verdant landscape is pitted with volcanic lakes. The closest to the capital is Lago di Bracciano, a beautiful blue expanse surrounded by picturesque medieval towns. There's a popular lakeside beach at Anguillara Sabazia and you can visit a 15th-century castle, Castello Odescalchi, at Bracciano.

Both towns are accessible by half-hourly trains from Roma Ostiense (Anguillara €2.60, 55 minutes; Bracciano €3, one hour).

In the north of the region, Lago di Bolsena is one of Europe's largest volcanic lakes. Its main town is Bolsena, a charming place with a hilltop medieval centre and a famous 13th-century miracle story.

Hourly Cotral buses serve Bolsena from Viterbo (€2.20, 45 minutes).