A Value Added Tax (VAT) of around 22%, known as Imposta di Valore Aggiunto (IVA), is slapped on most goods and services in Italy; a discounted rate of 10% applies in restaurants, bars and hotels. It’s sometimes possible for non-EU residents to claim a refund of VAT paid on goods.

Claiming Tax Refunds

If you’re a non-EU resident and spend more than €154.94 on a purchase, you can claim a refund when you leave. The refund only applies to purchases from affiliated retail outlets that display a 'tax free for tourists' (or similar) sign.

You have to complete a form at the point of sale, then have it stamped by EU customs as you leave the zone (if you are visiting one or more EU countries after visiting Italy, you'll need to submit the form at your final port of exit). For information and a list of refund offices in Florence, visit Tax Refund for Tourists (www.taxrefund.it).