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We will explore treasures of the East side of Agrigento’s province. With Oblò staff you will see things and listen stories that only locals know. Staying with us you will enjoy the spectacular cliff of Punta Bianca (a white stone formation similar to the close by Scala dei Turchi) where we will have a relaxing walk and the superb Castle of Chiaramonte (1353 A.C -  as well called of “ the Leopard”) which stands perched on a rocky outcrop dominating the Mediterranean sea with a breathtaking view. Our guides will tell you i nteresting stories behind the castle and its “Madonna” as well will take you into  the Monastery of Benedictines cloistered Nuns (one of the few remaining in Sicily) where the access is prevented almost anyone. Here, listening about mystical and miraculous events that occurred hundreds of years ago, your imagination will start let you feeling inside the famous novel of “Gattopardo” (The Leopard).
7 hours