Lake Garda & Around drinking and nightlife

Cafe in Garda & Punta San Vigilio

Art Cafe Alla Torre

This hip, multitasking cafe-bar next to a medieval tower can be a laid-back cafe in the morning, an exhibition space after lunch, a cocktail halt as the sun goes down and a jazz venue after dark. Live music and tang…
Wine Bar in Bardolino

La Bottega del Vino

To experience some authentic Bardolino atmosphere head to this no-nonsense bar in the centre of town. Inside, a stream of lively banter passes between locals and staff beside walls lined with bottles four deep.
Bar in Mantua

Bar Caravatti

All of Mantua passes through Caravatti at some point during the day for coffee, spritz or Signor Caravatti’s 19th-century aperitivo of aromatic bitters and wine.
Cafe in Desenzano del Garda

Caffè Italia

A perennial favourite on a busy piazza, flashy Caffè Italia is popular for its outdoor seating, light seafood lunches and psychedelic cocktails.
Cafe in Riva del Garda & Around

Caffè Italia

Next to the 13th-century Porta San Michele, this typical Italian, open-all-hours coffee and snack halt is a relaxing place to escape the tourists and inflated prices over a cappuccino, especially when the sun hits P…
Bar in Mantua

Le Pupitre

Come early if you want to stand any chance of elbowing your way through the cool crowd to Pupitre's bountiful aperitivo bar laden with punchy salami snacks, hot pizzette, frittate and sweet Mantuan-style salsa dips.