Basilica in L'Aquila

Basilica di Santa Maria di Collemaggio

Badly damaged in the 2009 earthquake, this stunning basilica, which guards the mausoleum of Pope Celestine V, remains under wraps for restoration. It's one of the masterpieces of Abruzzese Romanesque architecture, a…
Basilica in L'Aquila

Basilica di San Bernardino

The 15th-century Basilica di San Bernardino – restored after the 2009 earthquake damaged the campanile, apse and adjoining convent – is no stranger to seismic upheaval, having been rebuilt once before (in baroque st…
Fountain in L'Aquila

Fontana delle 99 Cannelle

L'Aquila's erroneously named 'fountain of 99 spouts' (there are actually only 93 of them) is one of the few monuments currently open for viewing in the earthquake-damaged city.