Isole Tremiti attractions

Island in Isole Tremiti

San Nicola

Medieval buildings thrust out of San Nicola's rocky shores, the same pale-sand colour as the barren cliffs. In 1010, Benedictine monks founded the Abbazia e Chiesa di Santa Maria here; for the next 700 years the isl…
Island in Isole Tremiti

San Domino

Head to San Domino for walks, grottoes and coves. It has a pristine, marvellous coastline and the islands' only sandy beach, Cala delle Arene. Alongside the beach is the small cove Grotta dell'Arene, with calm clear…
Island in Isole Tremiti


The third of the Isole Tremiti, Capraia (named after the wild caper plant) is uninhabited. Birdlife is plentiful, with impressive flocks of seagulls. There's no organised transport, but trips can be negotiated with …